Our Story

We are a group of engineering students who faced problem every time while buying the books from the local market ,

we found that a student buys a book set of suppose R.S.100 with 20% discount he/she get it for R.S.80 now when returning after 1 year he/she will get 60% of R.S.80 …. And it is only R.S.48 ,and juniors have to buy this set at R.S.70-75 so this gap was so huge , juniors were getting fooled so we founded bookdost where rather than business ‘Relationships’ are build up .

Our idea is simple to connect juniors and seniors and help them all not only in case of books but also in other things like Calsi ,engineering drafters we even helps needy juniors for finding room mates for them. They get all things from their seniors ,so the friend circle gets increased and problems are solved.



  1. ishani vaidya · August 24, 2015

    very nice activity

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Precious Free Books · November 22, 2015

    Best Luck


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